2023/02/06 - Capital Commitment and Rate Commitment Calculation for Future and Renewed Transactions


Fairways Debt now allows you to book transactions with a trade date in the future.
Transactions with a future trade date can only be moved to the draft or the simulated portfolio, but not to the actual portfolio. For further information, refer to Move a Transaction to a Different Portfolio.

The Capital Commitment and Rate Commitment indicators now take into account transactions with a future trade date. Reports will show a value set to "N/A" for these indicators if the report date* is before the trade date or after the maturity date of the transaction. Between these dates, both indicators are calculated in the usual way.

These indicators have also been updated to reflect renewal policies: they are first calculated on the original transaction until the report date equals the maturity date, then they are calculated on the relevant renewal transaction(s) that are active on the report date*. For further information, refer to Renewal Policies.

*The report date corresponds to the selected analysis date for a spot report, or the start/end date for other report types.

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