Manage Organizational Permissions for a User

Enable or disable permissions so the user is only allowed to perform relevant actions on organizations in Fairways Debt.


Navigate to the Administration Account
  1. Log in to your Fairways Debt account.
  2. Select a customer account.
  3. Click Applications > Account Administration.


Define Permissions

Apply a role to the user to define permissions that user has for all organizations they are associated with. You can apply permissions at different levels:

  • Account level
  • Organization level
  • Entity level
  1. Navigate to Account > Account Structure.
  2. Click the relevant user's full name to open their user profile.
  3. Click Switch to... :
    1. Beside the account name to apply the role permissions at the account level.
    2. Within an organization tab to apply the role permissions at that organization level.
Role Description
Administrator Can view and manage the whole account.
Customer Representative


  • View and manage all organizations of the account.
  • Access the Organization Settings and Organization Entities pages.

Cannot access the following pages:

  • Configure Document Module
  • Batch Update
  • Third Parties
  • Global Settings
  • Account Structure
  • Account Configuration
  • Account Features
  • Account Theme
Standard Can view and manage only specific organizations.

The role permissions apply to the relevant organization(s).

  1. Click Edit Permissions to apply specific permissions for each entity.
  2. Select the relevant permission beside each entity.
Permission Description
Hide Entity transactions are hidden.
View Review and consolidate the entity transactions.
Manage Manage the entity transactions.
  1. Click OK to confirm.

The relevant permissions apply to the entities.



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