Create a Contact

If you use payment advice templates in Fairways Debt, you may be required to add a contact's details in the payment advice.


Navigate to the Account Administration
  1. Log in to your Fairways Debt account.
  2. Select a customer account.
  3. Click Applications Applications.png > Account Administration.
Enable the Contacts Page
  1. Navigate to Account > Account Features > Modules.
  2. Enable Payment Advice.

The Payment Advice status is marked as Yes and the Contacts page displays in Administration.


Create a Contact
  1. Navigate to Administration > Contacts.
  2. Click Add Contact Add_Blue_White.png.


  1. Enter the contact's name.
  2. Click Apply to create the contact.


The contact's profile displays.


Configure the Contact

Add relevant contact details and associate the contact to third parties, to display the contact's details for those third parties.

  1. Click Edit.


  1. Complete the form with all relevant details.

Note: Fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory.

  1. Click Apply to save.


The contact characteristics are updated.


Associated Third Parties
  1. Click Add.


  1. Select third parties to associate with.
  2. Click Apply to save.


The associated third parties display in the list.


Include the Characteristic Keys to the Payment Advice Template

Note: See Create a Payment Advice Template for more details.

Verify the payment advice template includes the keys matching the characteristics entered.

Characteristic Key
Full Name fullName
Department department
Email email
Phone Number phoneNumber
Fax Number faxNumber


Add the Contact to a Third Party
  1. Navigate to Debt & Derivatives.
  2. Open a facility agreement.
  3. Click the Contacts count beside the relevant third party.


  1. Select the contact(s).
  2. Click Apply to save.


The contact's characteristics display in the payment advice document.

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