Transaction Creation/Update Block: standardLoan

This block is used in case of a creation or an update of a standard loan.

Available Blocks under the < standardLoan > Root Block

Block M/O Comments
Mandatory Meta-data for the deal. Block contents is described in the Common Blocks: meta.
Mandatory Main transaction characteristics (party, counterparty, characteristics, etc.). Block contents is described in contract.
Mandatory A deal is composed of one, or several phases (in case of a multi-phase deal). See standard Loan for more details on phases. Block contents is described in Phases.

Schedule for the deal. Block contents is described in Schedule.

This field is optional.

  • if no value is provided, Fairways Debt generates the schedule by using on the characteristics of the loan, provided in the < phase > block.
  • if the schedule is provided, Fairways Debt considers it as the ‘real’ schedule, regardless of the values provided in the < phase > block.
Optional List of actions that impacts the lifecycle of the loan.
Optional Values for custom properties on the loan (if any). Block contents is described in customProperties.
Optional Characteristics of additional fees (if any) for the loan. Block contents is described in Fees.
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