Common Block: phases

This section describe the < phases > block format. This description concerns the following type of loans:

  • standardLoan
  • subsidyLoan 

This section is not relevant for any other type of deals.

The < phases > block includes:

  • at least one phase block (in case of a single-phase deal, which is the most common case)
  • in case of a multi-phase deal, other phase blocks

Each phase block describes the financial characteristics of the phase (schedule, indexation and amortization). 

A phase can be:

  • a standard phase
  • or an uncertain phase

Available Blocks under the < phases > Block

Block M/O Comments
< phase >
Optional In case of a standard phase. Block contents is described in Phase.
< uncertainFixed >
Optional in case of a forecast fixed-rate phase.
< uncertainFloating >
Optional in case of a forecast floating-rate phase.
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