Common Block: phase

This section describe the Standard Phase block format. This description concerns the following type of loans:

  • standardLoan
  • subsidyLoan

Available Blocks under the < phase > Block

Block M/O Comments
< startDate >
Mandatory type = Date. Start Date of the phase. The start date of the first phase has to be equal to the deal start date.
< endDate >
Optional type = Date. End Date of the phase. The end date of each phase has to be equal to the start date of the following phase (or at the deal maturity date).
< scheduling >
Mandatory Information regarding interest payment dates. Block contents is described in scheduling.
< indexing >
Mandatory Information regarding interest rate. Block contents is described in Indexing.
< amortization >
Mandatory Information regarding amortization profile. Block contents is described in Amortization.
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