The Segments of the Design System

Lay out your application in order to match the environment. Segments ease the navigation.

A segment:

  • Has a name.
  • Is reusable.
  • Is defined but can evolve over time.



Segments are a division of a greater set, that can be described as homogeneous and meaningful. A segment is defined by a number of criteria:

  • A characteristic (attribute)
  • A condition (operator)
  • A or multiple values

Criteria can be linked to each other using an operator, e.g. AND and OR.


Each characteristic is associated with a condition.

Characteristic Type Available Conditions
Amount is greater than or equal to
is lower than or equal to
is equal to
currency is
currency is not
Date between
is earlier than (date)
is earlier than (reference)
is in last
is in next
is later than (date)
is later than (reference)
Text is
does not contain
List of Values is in
is not in
Number is greater than or equal to
is lower than or equal to
is equal to


On-the-Fly Segments

This mechanism enables users to create criteria on the fly to their segments, and immediately see what impact(s) it has on the page. These can be saved and reused.


On-the-Fly segments are also used as contextual definers when creating Analysis.


See Finance Active's Design System for more details.

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