Infrastructure Requirements for Fairways Debt Applications: URLs

Fairways Debt applications must be able to communicate within a single domain name, just by knowing the name of the application that they are trying to contact. This convention makes the user’s identity available in all applications, by storing and exposing a JSON web token (JWT) in an HTTP cookie. 


Fairways Debt applications must respect this URL convention: 







  • debt 
  • market 
  • pricer 
  • administration 
  • calendar 
  • lim 
  • none

Note: Finance Active prefers no suffix.

  • something 
  • something_else


Applications must be consistent across environments: only the domain may change.

Note: Avoid multiple names for the same application and different suffixes from one environment to another.



  • Application name: sales
  • Domain name: 
  • No suffix

Valid Production URL

Valid Dev URL

Invalid Dev URLs


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