2019/07/10 - New Hierarchy in the Help Center for "New Features and Enhancements"

You are used to following the section New Features and Enhancements, where we regularly publish articles explaining what feature goes live and which one has evolved.

We have received a couple of feedbacks about that section, and here are the changes.


The section is now split into different products: Fairways Debt, Fairways Fx, Fairways Guarantees and Optim.

If you follow a specific section, you'll only get notified about that section, i.e. news of that specific product. It means no more spams! Of course, don't forget to follow sections, you can check out this article, section Keep Yourself Informed for more details.

While you decide what news you get, the other product news is still open. So keep having a read on them for inspiration!


We hope we've made the news more pleasant to receive and we remain available for any further suggestions. Thanks all for your support!


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