Context Management

You can define a specific context to apply to all Fairways Debt pages: that context applies to the entire system regardless of the page.

The context includes four components:

The Current Organization

The current organization defines which portfolio you are working on (see Concepts for a comprehensive explanation on organizations).

Only users configured to access more than one organization can switch between organizations.

The current organization name displays on the right of the account name, on the screen header. You can click it to switch to another organization.


The Portfolio Filter

The portfolio filter defines the subset of transactions that currently display. Filters enable you to analyze or review a subset of a portfolio.

The current filter displays on the right of the page title and includes the count of relevant transactions.

You can create filters by using the drop-down menu and clicking Create Filter.


The Analysis Date

The system allows you to change the analysis date, i.e. market date (see Portfolio Analysis).


The Consolidation Currency

This component is only available on the Analysis and Reporting pages and enables you to select the currency in which calculations will be aggregated (the account currency by default).

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