View the Integration Report after Mass Modifying Transactions

In Fairways Debt, using mass modification, you can edit multiple transaction characteristics simultaneously, saving you time from editing each transaction one by one.

You can then view the corresponding results in the integration report.

Note: Only administrators can access the integration report.




Navigate to the Account Administration
  1. Log in to your Fairways Debt account.
  2. Select a customer account.
  3. Navigate to Applications Applications.png > Account Administration.


View the Integration Report after Mass Modifying Transactions
  1. Navigate to Administration > Batch Update.
  2. Click a link to an imported document in the table.


The integration report with the importation results display.


An antivirus analysis is performed on each new document during the upload. The antivirus status displays the results of this analysis. The statuses which can be displayed following this analysis are as follows:

  • Clean: The uploaded file has successfully passed the antivirus analysis. It can then be downloaded.
  • Error: An error occurred while running the antivirus analysis. The file cannot be downloaded.
  • Infected: The uploaded file has been rejected by the antivirus analysis: a potential risk has been detected. The file cannot be downloaded.
  • In progress: The uploaded file is being analyzed by the antivirus. The file cannot be downloaded. This status may be displayed in the case of a large file. It may then be necessary to refresh the page to get the result.
  • Not submitted: The file was uploaded when the antivirus analysis was disabled. Therefore, the file was not processed by this analysis. The file can be downloaded.
  • Analysis failed: An error occurred while running the antivirus analysis. The file cannot be downloaded.

Only documents with "Clean", "Not submitted" or "Unknown" antivirus status can be downloaded on this section and into the Documents application.

The "Unknown" antivirus status is assigned to the files uploaded before using the antivirus analysis. Therefore, these files were not processed by the analysis and they can be downloaded.




Importation results.

Reference Code

Internal reference code of the transaction.

Click the reference to navigate to the transaction profile.


Transaction category.


Action performed on the transaction.


If no action has been done to the transaction, the error reason displays.


Click the link to the raw data, if available, to display the code.

Note: Click an arrow beside a header label to sort the results.


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