Bulk Edit Transactions

In Fairways Debt, using mass modification, you can edit multiple transaction characteristics simultaneously, saving you time from editing each transaction one by one.

Applicable characteristics for mass modification are:

  • Custom attributes
  • External indicators
  • Balance amounts of cash facilities
  • Cash transfers of cash facilities
  • Deferment periods
  • Macro-hedging

Note: You cannot bulk edit locked transactions.



If editing:

  1. Custom attributes: create a custom attribute
  2. External indicators: create an external indicator
  3. Balance amounts or cash transfers of cash facilities: create cash facilities
  4. Deferment periods: create standard loans or leases
  5. Macro-hedging: create allocations


Navigate to the Debt & Derivatives Application
  1. Log in to your Fairways Debt account.
  2. Select a customer account.
  3. Navigate to Applications > Debt & Derivatives.


Bulk Edit Transactions
  1. Navigate to Portfolio or Draft.
  2. Click Add Transaction > Mass Modification.


  1. Select a characteristic type to edit, e.g. Custom Attributes.
  2. Click Next to save and continue.


Note: Depending on the characteristic type selected, step 2 -Filters- may not be required and you will be automatically moved to step 3 -Integration.

  1. If required, select the specific characteristic(s) to edit.
  2. Click Next to save and continue.

In this example, we have selected two characteristics, Priority and Severity.


  1. Click Need the Template? to download the transactions to edit to an Excel file.


  1. Edit and save the template with the relevant data.

In our example, we have edited the columns Priority and Severity.


  1. Click Select a File and upload the updated template.

Note: Ensure you download and upload the template in the same platform language, i.e. avoid downloading an English template and uploading it to the French platform.

  1. Click Next to save and continue.


  1. Verify the edits.
  2. Click Approve to bulk edit the transactions.


The transactions update.

  1. Click a transaction reference code to open and verify a specific transaction.


The transaction characteristics are updated, in our example, the Priority and Severity fields.



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